Dee Snider Costume

For forethought, a complete set of this costume is available online. But since you already bothered to check this out, don’t hesitate to read on further to learn how to create your own Dee Snider costume. It is a bit complicated compared to other 80’s inspired costumes, but you should know that it would be worth your time.

Dee Snider is the front man of the rock band Twisted Sister. Back in the 80’s the band was a big hit and so was his unique costume. One company even made official Dee Snider costumes for Halloween.

But if you want to make your own, here are the tips:

Hair – Dee’s hair was bigger than a typical 80’s woman. It was very curly and blond. Make sure to check out photos of him and follow the hair because it was one of his many signature looks. Unless you have long hair that you would just perm, you have to get a wig styled the same as Dee’s.

Outfit – First, get a black shirt. Cut the sleeves of the shirt to horizontal strips so that it would hang loose as fringes over your arm. Cut, the bottom of the shirt so that your abdomen is exposed and get black suspender with the ‘X’ facing upfront. After that, get football pads to sew on the shoulders of your shirt. To design your Dee Snider top, cut strips of a hot pink cloth and sew it on the football pads. Second, get tight fitting black pants. Sew more hot pink cloth strips on it.

Make-up – His make-up was very popular because it was as unique as his outfit so make sure that you do it right. Wear thick electric blue eye-shadow, black eyeliners, and bright pink lipstick. Draw thick brows, and a pink trapezoid-shaped blush-on for the cheeks.

Accessories – You will need black fingerless gloves with hot pink cloth strips sewn on it. Also, wear bright pink nail polish.

And there, with all the hard work you have just made yourself a Dee Snider costume. It’s not so hard, is it? Now the next thing you have to do is to put on a rocker attitude and enjoy the rest of the night.

Less Known Facts about Wool Socks

When buying socks, most people go with cotton. Why? Cotton socks are inexpensive, give a good feeling on your legs and look suitable for daily use. However, cotton and synthetic socks should not be the only option in your clothing and there are several reasons. One of them is obviously health as keeping your legs warm, clean and free from bacteria make you overall more healthy, prevent coronary decease, cold etc. An often overlooked in the modern age, high quality fiber for your socks is wool. Wool has some amazing features which are very important for socks. This option is of completely natural and durable material.

1. Wool Socks Discourage Point Odor: Exactly. Wool socks support foot odor prevention. Foot odor is caused by microorganisms that grow in humid and heated conditions. Cotton and synthetic socks give them ideal conditions. Wool socks control the temperature on your foot, and make every temperature change gradual. That combined with more air flow in wool socks prevents overgrowth of microorganisms and prevents smelly feet.

2. Wool Socks Conserve The Temperature of Your Legs: With wool socks you feel a comfort of having your feet temperature the same in the winter and in the summer. Wool cools you in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter. That’s the godsend feature sheep needed to have. It’s a perfect natural air-conditioner.

3. Wool Socks Absorbs Moisture: Wool breathes, so it is able to successfully regulate moisture. This means that wool socks will help keep your feet dry.

4. Wool Keep Your Feet Warm EVEN WHEN THEY’RE WET. You cannot compare this feature with any other fiber. Cotton socks not only provoke more fluid on your feet than wool socks but when they get wet you’re going to freeze and get blisters. With wool socks, especially modern fibers like smartwool, your feet are safe even if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

Nothing beats the wool socks for activities such hiking, biking and most of the winter sports. You must use them for any kind of travel in the winter. But you should use them at home as well. When you’re sitting at home with no pressure on your foot, having the stable temperature on your feet prevents the coronary deceases.

Mix and match your pieces of handcrafted jewellery

When you are choosing the right pieces of handcrafted jewellery to accessories your outfits it can become quite an art form. You have not only to take into account the type of jewellery you are choosing but also the style, colours, design what it is made from and the occasion it is going to be worn for.

Finding the right piece that will fit all these criteria and it can sometimes become a headache and what are the right pieces to wear for the right occasions, should I wear a beaded necklace of glass beads with a woollen jumper, should I wear pearl earrings to go shopping in and will it be OK to accessories my little black dress with a jewellery set of wooden beads. There are so many ways we can get it wrong but do not worry there are so many ways that we can get it right.

One of the rules when choosing your pieces of handcrafted jewellery to wear is that it should compliment what you are wearing. If you are wearing something that is soft and slinky then you need to look for designs that are delicate and feminine. Semi-precious pendants with lovely semi-precious pendants on fine chains or necklaces crafted from small beads of crystal beads and pearls will look beautiful will feminine styles of clothes. If it is a casual outfit of jeans and a jumper that you are going to wear then bright beaded designs will look good worn with these. You can dress a casual outfit up into something bright and funky by adding these pieces of handcrafted jewellery and there are many designs in the shops for you to choose from and these will include beaded necklaces, jewellery bracelets made from bright beads and earrings in every colour that you could ever want.

It is not only the style of the outfit that if you are accessorising that has been taken into consideration but the colour plays a large part. If the outfit has a busy pattern then keep your pieces of handcrafted jewellery plain in both colour and design. Look for just one colour within the pattern of the outfit and use this as the chosen colour of the jewellery. If you think that your outfit as a frame for your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, jewellery sets, and other pieces this will help. If your outfit is black you will find that most colours will look great with this but if you are looking for something that is really dramatic then a large statement piece of Stirling Silver jewellery will look amazing and if you do not want to wear a necklace you could choose a jewellery set of matching large cuff bracelet and earrings. The designs of these could just be crafted from silver or they could be set with your favourite semi-precious stone. Sterling silver also looks stunning with dark red, green and blues. Try mixing the same colours but in different shades for example if you have a pale blue dress team it up with pieces of handcrafted that have been made from Blue Goldstone and if it is a lilac coloured suit then the semi-precious stone Amethyst would compliment this perfectly.

You have also to think about the event that this piece of handcrafted jewellery is going to be worn for, if it is very formal and you are going to be wearing and off the shoulder ball gown you could opt to wear something bright and sparkly in the form of a collar necklace with long chandelier earrings or if it is just a casual dinner date with friend you might want to wear something that is bright and funky.

How to Choose a Fashionable Laptop Carrying Bags

A laptop computer is a big investment and the laptop bag that protects it should be equal in quality. Whether you are buying a new laptop bag for yourself, or need a gift for someone else – why not go with a fashionable laptop bag that reflects their personality and uniqueness? Whether you are casual,trendy,or classic,just starting out or a seasoned career person, here have just recommend what you need. offer some of the best quality laptop carrying bags at the most affordable prices. The store is organized to make it easy to choose a stylish laptop bag or fashionable laptop carrying case that fit your personal style. Please browse their collection of fashionable and durable laptop carrying bags. Those items specifically designed for international travelers provide more than a just a secure place to store a laptop, they have added functionality and a personality touch. The laptop carrying cases are no longer simply about getting you laptop from one place to another. With more people than ever toting their computers between the office and home. The laptop carrying case is now designed to combine fashion with durability,security,style and function. Here’s a selection of laptop bags you can review and get some ideas for yourself or for gifts. The laptop bags are made of resilient nylon and are sized to fit both 14.1- and 17-inch laptops.

The Laptop Case is a uniquely sleek computer carrying bag that will satisfy many teens,college students, adults, and stylish senior citizens looking for a good quality laptop bag that is less bulky. The outside of this bag is smooth and comfortable. There are no rough edges or sharp corners. There is a flat, full-sized zippered pocket on the outside. On the opposite side is a small clear pocket for a business card, college identity card, photo, or whatever one might like to display. For carrying a laptop in comfort, this bag offers the choice of using its double handles (to carry the bag like a briefcase) or a detachable and adjustable padded shoulder strap. The connection hardware for the strap is brushed silver in color and of good quality. Clips are simple to open and close and they swivel for convenience. Overall, the design and construction of this laptop bag are excellent. This laptop carrying bag looks trendy, unobtrusive, and professional. The Laptop Case has the unique quality of being not too small and not to big, but “just right.” Retail prices range from $6.99 to $40.99

The Versatility Of Scarves

One of the simplest fashion accessories are scarves. But in spite of being simple, they can bring out the glamour of the one wearing it. It comes in various shapes, lengths and designs for different effects. But scarves are not really just a piece of fashion accessory. They were used for a different purpose from when they were first worn.

The ancient Romans were the ones who first wore scarves. They were mainly tied around the neck and used to wipe the sweat off their necks and faces. It became a fashion accessory when worn by women. The ancient Chinese also used scarves as part of women’s fashion as supported by archeological evidence.

Providing warmth during the winter season is one of the popular uses of scarves. It is simply tied or wrapped around the neck and worn together with thick winter clothing. But scarves are also used in places where the climate is hot. As previously stated, the ancient Romans used it to wipe their sweat. It can also be used to protect the individual from elements that can cause harm or inconvenience like dust or sand during a desert sandstorm. In certain cultures and religions, a scarf is required to be worn to cover the hair as a sign of modesty.

The modern use of scarves multiplies as a fashion accessory. Even during warmer seasons, many women still wear them. Like a man’s necktie, scarves can be used to accentuate a rather plain dress or blouse. One style to wear the scarf is to simply tie it around the neck as usual. Another is to tie it in a business-style fashion where the remaining ends and parts are tucked into it to give a neater, more professional look.

Another popular use of scarves is as a headwear. Women use it to protect their hair such as when travelling. Others use it not to protect but to cover in times that they do not like their hair. It has also become popular among women with cancers that are losing hair due to their therapy. Some styles cover the hair while some just function as a headband or a hair band.

Scarves can be tied around the waist as a traditional belt or as a side-knotted belt. As the traditional belt, a scarf can be folded and inserted into the loops of the jeans and then tied in front. The other style looks like a sash where the scarf is tied over a dress and then tied at the side to for a more fabulous look.

Enhancing the other accessories is also one of the many uses of a scarf. They can be tied on handbags or purses to add style to it. However, you should be sure that the scarf you chose matches your handbag or purse. With the different shapes and styles of scarves, the combination effect is limitless.

These are only some of the many ways that the scarf is used and their versatility makes them more popular in fashion among women.

Pearls Aren’t Simply For Pearl Rings But Also Cosmetic Makeup Products

Since the start, people has been looking for strategies to get rid of the aging process and take advantage of eternal youth. The marketplace of beauty’s most current initiatives have concentrated to a great extent on cosmetic surgeries, injection therapy of serums, foreign substances and fat, implants, laser treatment options as well as a selection of alternative medical treatments. For many individuals these types of considerable as well as high-priced treatments are merely not a choice. Subsequently, the cosmetics market is continuously crafting much more sophisticated age-defying lotions and potions.

You’ll find a massive quantity of opportunities obtainable around the technique of creams and lotions. Several use all-natural or perhaps certified organic materials, including fruit, vegetables as well as plant extracts as well as mud. A great many employ a combination of substances including antioxidants, acids, and oils in an attempt to achieve related final results as that of Botox injections. Today, various makeup suppliers are seeking the fountain of youth in one more foundation which has previously been known all through the globe for centuries to accentuate the attractiveness of all who seem to wear them – the pearl. This is the identical pearl as used in cultured pearl rings.

Mother-of-pearl, also referred to as nacre, is made by specific species of oyster to line the interior of their shells, preventing irritability from the abrasive external shell and helping to guard against enteric parasites. It is actually consequently named mainly because when an irritant gets inside of a shell, the oyster defends themselves simply by coating the irritant using the exact same material. The nacre of a pearl-producing oyster, no matter whether identified in pearls themselves or within the oyster’s shell, provides the identical vital amino acids which cure and preserve cellular material within the human body system. Deficiency of any 1 of those crucial amino acids can easily trigger skin to appear coarse and also wrinkled. Scientists who have performed to cultivate skin creams influenced by nacre claim that several components of pearl may stimulate the metabolic actions of the ancestral substance in a cell, the DNA and RNA, and thus might promote and quicken cell renewals within the skin and hair. Just like human being tissue, nacre reserves in the mineral-based organic structure a range of bioactive molecules. These molecules consist of proteins that have been said to possess useful outcomes on the skin: lessen wrinkles and also firm, sculpt, in addition to illumine.

While these types of particular pearl items may possibly be relatively new in the business; using pearls in natual skin care will not be a brand new thought. Quite a few modern makeup companies pretty much utilize pearl powder, that is moreover called conchiolin powder, as an element. All through history, Asian girls have put to use powder made from crushed freshwater pearls to help maintain ones own youthful look. Royal residents from the Chinese Imperial Palace swore by the astonishing rejuvenating results of pearl powder, that they put to use for restorative healing, skin lightening, wrinkle protection, and sun protection. Numerous not simply utilised pearl powder on one’s facial area, but additionally ingested it daily. Numerous ladies of the time felt that it improved their complexion, softened their skin, and also gave them a far more younger looking appearance.

So you question, does it work? Regardless of the lengthy history behind it along with the terrific want to attain next “elixir of youth”, there’s no facts that such cosmetic products have anything at all apart from a temporary benefit. Nacre could include some of the same amino acids as human skin, but as of now the 2 really do not bond, so virtually any benefits that might come from adding it on the skin, such as toning cellular construction or perhaps arousal of new development, are very likely to quit the moment the cream is not used.This will not stop the makeup products business from attempting! Possibly one of these days pearl ointments and crèmes will certainly allow you to to seem more youthful too, however in the meantime remember essentially the most wonderful benefit from for pearls are usually in pearl jewelry like cultured pearl pendants.

Different Grades of Replica Handbags

Grades of Replica Handbags.
A high quality replica is an exact imitation of the original authentic one. It looks much realer than the general counterfeit, even people cannot tell if it is a fake or not if without careful check. Due to its low price and practical usage, more and more people tend to buy a high quality replica instead of the original one. While, do you know how many different grades the replica have? Here I would share my knowledge based on my experience in the replica industry.

* Grade B/AB

It should be the poorest replica item. The only part that is similar to the original item is probably the logo. A Grade B/AB replica handbag features low price, and is mostly found on street markets, You can tell it is a counterfeit just by a casual glance. Materials used for a Grade B/AB replica handbag should be fabrics of lowest quality, accessories of lowest quality, hardware and handcraft of lowest quality as well.

* Grade A

It can be said that Grade A replicas are of medium quality, which are more elegant in texture and softer to the touch than Grade B/AB replicas. The leather used and the sewing techniques are just so-so, and the package is slightly more attractive than Grade B/AB replicas. The overall quality is all right, though won’t be worn out after some time’s usage, the leather won’t turn into the color of beeswax with time goes by like a genuine handbag does. Materials used for a Grade A replica handbag include: common fabrics, accessories using split leather, hardware of so-so quality and fair handcraft.

* Grade A+

Grade A+ replicas are also called Grade AA replicas, of better-than-average quality. The texture is fairly nice, so are the handcrafts and details. The entire handbag feels up-market. Materials used for a Grade A+ replica handbag include: solid fabrics, accessories using top layer leather whose color won’t change with time, hardware of common quality.

* Grade AAA

Replica handbags belong to this grade are made of imported cow leather whose color will turn into the color of beeswax after used for some time or wet. They are sophisticatedly made: patterns and sizes need to be checked carefully, look almost like the original ones. Replica handbags of this grade are quite popular among the public because of their reasonable prices and good quality. Materials used include: top quality solid fabrics, accessories using imported leather and hardware.

* 1:1

Replica handbags belong to this grade are made of imported cow leather whose color will turn into the color of beeswax after used for some time or when wet. The patterns and sizes need to be checked carefully since they are sophisticatedly made and look as if they are original ones. Every handbag of this grade is strictly made, making sure they look the same with the genuine handbag. The major difference from a 1:1 replica handbag is in the handcrafts, which is sophisticated still. Every detail has been paid special attention to and the execution is even nicer than the original handbag (because most of the original ones are handmade, and replicas are done by machines, so there is no wonder). Due to the complicated craftwork required, replicas of this grade are not mass-produced, and thus their price is comparatively high. But I suggest you buy these replicas rather than the original. You see, it features so delicate craftmanship just like the authentic, even an expert in handbags can tell them apart. But 1:1 Items are very scarcity, people only can find it in some secret shop or online retailers, such as

The highest level of replica handbags enjoys the advantages of reasonable price, elegant in texture, exquisite workmanship and high cost performance, and thus is the best choice for those who can’t afford the genuine but long for genuine quality.

Seven Tips for choosing your Asian Bridal Wear!

One of the biggest decisions that you’ll have to make as a bride is picking your wedding dress. Your wedding dress should show off your style, beauty and grace whilst making you look beautiful and feel confident.

But the quest to find that dress can seem pretty daunting; whether trying to gather designs for a bespoke gown, or being spoilt for choice when choosing from a collection. That’s where Bridal designer Minal Shah can help, with her expert advice on what to consider when choosing that fabulous dress.

Having been established in the industry for fifteen years as a professional make-up artist and bridal designer, Minal’s bridal collection, Micha Couture, extends beyond beautiful wedding dresses. Her sense of make-up and exquisite designs enables her to envision the final bridal look that helps to achieve a look of sophistication and elegance.

Minal’s years of experience in the business means that she’s dealt with a huge range of concerns from very different brides. Over the years she has given guidance to many brides that help make choosing that special dress an easier process.

Your Dream Shaadi is delighted to share Minal’s advice, and to introduce you to her top seven tips of wedding dress bliss, so you can have your happily ever after.


Before you start shopping for your dress, you should have a vision of how you want to look. There are so many looks that you can achieve as a bride, from the classic white wedding look, to the colourful Bollywood Bride, or even having a themed dress. Pick something that will truly reflect you and that you feel comfortable wearing.

You’ll need to take into consideration the time of year you are getting married, or if you are having an outdoor wedding. It won’t be practical or warm wearing an elegant halter neck dress in winter! This will keep you from buying a dress that won’t feel right on the day.


Looking at different wedding magazines and wedding portals is a great way of finding inspiration.
Keep tear-outs of photos that you like and stick them into a scrap book or mood board, so you have a visual when consulting with your designer.
Try and whittle down your choices to at least 10 of your favourite dresses to show your designer so you both have a clear idea of what styles of dress you prefer.

If you are having your dress custom made, take your visuals and be specific about what you want. Consult whether your chosen designs will flatter you and your body shape.


Your wedding dress will probably cost more than any other garment you own. But a stylish and graceful dress doesn’t necessarily mean more money. It’s important to establish your budget before stepping into a bridal store and then sticking to it. Temptation is difficult to resist, and you may fall in love with a dress that will greatly exceed your budget.

For bespoke dresses, the price is usually determined by the amount of detail involved in making it, which can range significantly. Find out what options are available to you within your budget, or what your budget will be able to afford you for your bespoke gown.


We all have parts of our bodies that we don’t like. Dressing your body to enhance all the right parts is simply a game of proportion. Don’t worry about the parts of your body you don’t want to draw attention to, it’s all about using lines and light to accentuate your best assets.

Most women want to look taller and thinner in their dress. The key thing to remember is horizontal lines widen, while vertical lines elongate.
Diagonal details cut the width of the body and move the eye to another area of the body.


For those of you who are having a religious ceremony it may be required for you to be dressed modestly. It’s important you find out exactly what would be appropriate to wear, so you can incorporate new features into or around your dress. Having a slip on is an elegant and glamorous way to cover up and add another dimension to your bridal look, whilst also having the freedom to take it off after the ceremony.


Try on a variety of dresses. A dress you’ve seen on a mannequin or someone else may not flatter you as well as you thought. On many occasions, a dress that you would not look twice at turns out to be the one!
After looking and assessing in a three-way mirror, see whether the dress feels good on you, how comfortable it is and whether it gives you that confidence boost.


A great way to make things more fun is to bring someone along who will enjoy sharing this experience with you and knows your sense of style. But bear in mind, the more people you bring the more opinions you will have, which can confuse you from what you really want.

Make use of the bridal designers expertise, they’ll be able to suggest the best cut and design to suit your shape and skin tone.

The most important factor when finding your dress is keeping calm! Everything will all come together in the end, even if it takes longer than you thought to find the one. With my top tips, finding that dream dress will be a fun and happy experience that you’ll never forget. All the hard work and searching will pay off, as you’ll be the most beautiful bride with a dress to die for!

Orly Professional Nail Polish Review

rly nail polish has been a favorite in the beauty industry since 1975 when Jeff Pink (cool name for a finger nail polish mogul, right!?) founded the company. Motivated by a single idea to innovate natural nail care Pink created cutting-edge products designed to meet the needs of salon professionals, and also to create innovative products and tools designed to beautify the individual user.

Essentially, Jeff Pink has redefined nail care and nail fashion for more than 33 years. Orly is offered in over 66 countries, making it the internationally favored brand in nail color and care, the one most often used by manicurists. Orly nail care products are the worlds leading choice because they produce phenomenal and consistent results. Clients who use Orly compliment its nail strength, adhesion, wearability, quick dry time and long-lasting shine.

If you can believe it, Jeff Pink created the very first French manicure, now considered the favorite fingernail look by women all over the world. Jeff Pink wanted to create a versatile appearance to compliment even the most fashion-savvy Hollywood starlets wardrobe. This natural nail look, as it was called, was introduced on the fashion runways in Paris, where it became an instant success. It is now considered a chic and classic look and has since been known as the iconic French Manicure. Today, it is one of the top-selling nail looks worldwide, next to bright red fingernails and rose-colored nails.

Jeff Pink and his award-winning Orly product line continue to lead the beauty biz with dazzling new nail care and beauty products, delivering the hottest trends in nail color and treatment. Orly is perhaps best known for its salon-quality nail lacquers, which come in a vast array of colors, shades and metallics. Orly even launches entire seasonal color collections, which are a huge hit among regular customers. This nail care guru is just as popular for its beautiful and vibrant color nail polishes as it is for the fun and funky names they assign to each shade. Check out some of the most popular Orly nail polish color names: Sweet Peacock, Nite Owl, Oui, Ma Cherie, Lunar Eclipse and Halleys Comet. Don’t they make you wonder what they look like and motivate you to learn more about Orly nail colors!?

Not only does Orly deliver consistent, rich and long-lasting color, Orly nail polishes are free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and other damaging ingredients. In fact, most Orly products contain antioxidants like Vitamins A and E help to promote healthy nails with pro-vitamins that protect the structure of the natural nail.

If you are serious about growing and keeping healthy, gorgeous fingernails, you should check out the entire Orly product line. Basecoats, topcoats, cuticle care products, polish remover, nail strengtheners, calcium shields, nail whiteners, rich renewing hand and feet creams, French Manicure kits these are just a few of the amazing and fast-acting products offered by Orly.

Using an entire line of nail care products will always produce better results than just using one product alone. For instance, you ought to use a basecoat before applying color and a topcoat afterward. ORLY quick-dry topcoats and clear coats provide a quick-drying, fabulous finish that promises lasting protection against cracked, brittle or chipping nails. If you’re looking for beautiful, long lasting manicures and pedicures, choose Orly.

Rotary Watches – Great Gift Ideas

The time on the almighty clock is what keeps the world going in an orderly fashion. We schedule our lives around time, the time to get up, the time to get the kids off to school, the time to be at work, the time to catch the plane, and so on and so forth. In ancient times, time was measured by the sun; however, in today’s society accuracy is so important even down to the second for many. Now, we all rely on our wristwatches to provide us with the time, however, a watch is also considered a piece of fine jewelry.

A watch can be a great gift idea for any occasion for all ages. You can find all styles of watches that will please anyone on your gift list whether they have a taste for sporty watches or diamond watches. Quality and affordability do not often go hand in hand, but online you can find name brand quality watches at cheap prices. Just because an online shops states they have cheap name brand watches does not mean they have replica’s, it only means they can provide the exact name brands you can find locally in their online store at a discounted price.

Shopping online provides you with more convenience and more variety than you can find at the local jewelry store or retail store. You can compare a large variety of styles, name brands, and even the function of the watches by reading the description.

One such name brand watch you can find online is the Rotary watch. This is a fine piece of jewelry that offers reliability as well as affordable prices. The Rotary watch has been around for years providing customers with new innovative designs and functions without straining their budget.

If you are searching for Rotary watches for the man, you will be amazed at the selection you can find online. A few of the most popular Rotary watches for men include the Men’s Mechanical Stainless Steel Watch, the Rotary Gents Skeleton Automatic Watch, the Rotary Men’s 9ct gold watch with black leather strap, and even the Rotary Gents Sterling Silver Pocket Watch.

For women you will find that Rotary has a wide variety of styles as well such as the Rotary Tank Ladies Two Tone Watch, the Rotary Nurses Fob Watch, the Ladies Classic Stainless Steel Wristwatch, the Rotary Havana Ladies Stainless Steel Watch, and the Rotary Ladies 9ct Gold Watch with diamond set bezel.

These are only a few of the most popular Rotary watches you can find online that offer durability, reliability, and affordable prices.